In NounsLATAM, we designed 30+ different types of never before seen, unique, and awesome NounsLATAM / NounsDAO merch which was distributed in different events across different countries!  
We desgined and created:
T-shirts (different colors and designs)
caps with logos in different colors
Colombian hats
Mugs (2 designs)
Printed banner
Stickers (kiss cut) (10 designs)
Pins / Round Buttons (7 different colors)
Magnets (fridge) (5 designs including Nounders)
Lip balm (2 designs)
Chocolates (3 designs)
Candy mini boxes (3 designs)
Chocolate chip mini boxes (5 different designs)
Lollipop (5 different designs)
Personalized tissue paper
Personalized candy packs (3 designs)
Alcohol (gel)
Pencil cases with colored pencils inside.
Fanny packs
Regular Pillows
Throw Pillows with legs
Bags with plush legs
Pencil Holders
String bags
Clear tote bags
Lunch bags
Medium Purses
Small Purses
handcrafted pens with noggles
Handcrafted Palenqueras with noggles pins
Handcrafted Palenqueras magnets
Custom Jacket
Photo Frame
And more!
 Proliferating ⌐◨-◨!
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